Qoitech Otii Arc Power Analyzer, DC Power Supply, Data Logger
Artno.: QT1-100010
Multi-functional source, sink, and measurement unit for voltage, current and power with high dynamic range and extensive data logging and analysis

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Power supply, monitoring and analysis in one easy to use and feature-packed product, the Otii by Qoitech is the ultimate tool for any developer aiming to design highly energy efficient IoT projects.

Otii includes the Otii Arc measurement unit and a lifetime license for the Otii software for Ubuntu, Windows & macOS.

Connect Otii Arc and power your device directly to the DC input or battery connectors. It will act as both an up to 5V DC power supply and high-resolution voltage and current measurement unit.

Otii software will give you real time measurements and generate statistics based on the entire data set or small subsections even during the recording process. You can record and compare the changes in energy consumption due to changes in your software and hardware in one and same Otii project. Share the data with team mates and suppliers.

  • Records currents, voltages and UART logs and displays them in real time as charts and interactive measurements and comparisons
  • Enables long continuous recordings, recording time limited only by computer storage
  • Sample rate of up to 4k samples per second.
  • Supply and measurement range of <100nA-5A
  • Data + Power via USB. 2.1mm DC jack for external power
  • ADC subsystem measurements with differential measurement range of -81.9 mV to 81.9 mV
  • Two General Purpose inputs and outputs
  • Two Sense pins that can be used to compensate for voltage drop in cables or as extra voltage sensors
  • Monitor multiple projects and Otiis from the same computer
  • Crop, downsample & share data

Model Overview

Otii Arc
Bandwidth 400 Hz
Sampling Rate 4 kS/s
Resolution 16 bit
Output Voltage 0.5 .. 5.0 V @ 1 mV Resolution
Output Current -2.5 .. 2.5 A Sink/Source (+5A Peak) @ 5 nA Resolution
Interface USB 2.0

Package Contents

  • Otii Arc
  • USB Cable
  • Lifetime license for the Otii software
  • Quick Start Guide


Flexible Setup, Many Features
Otii Arc is truly versatile. Set it up as a constant, linear power supply or a battery of your choice (with Otii Battery Toolbox). Use it as power analyzer, profiler or monitor to record and display real-time currents, voltages and/or UART logs.
Wide Dynamic Range
Measure accurately over 8 orders of magnitude from 5 amps down to tens of nanoamps with the wide dynamic range of Otii Arc. Display and work with accurate visualization of the active and sleep modes in one and the same screen and project.
Real-Time Data Display and Statistics
Check the statistics of the accumulated energy consumption continuously while recording. You can also select a part of the recording ? while recording, or afterwards ? to see the statistics for the selected part.
Synchronize Debug Logs
Connect your device UART to Otii Arc's expansion port RX/TX (TX from your device to RX on Otii Arc and vice versa). The UART logs recorded are synced to the current and voltage graphs making it easy to correlate power consumption to the application state.
Compare Recordings
To see the impact of the software and/or hardware improvements that you have done to your device during development, as for example part of regression testing, you can add new recordings to previously saved Otii projects to easily compare the energy consumption profiles.
Battery Profiling (with optional Battery Toolbox)
Create discharge profiles of the batteries with specific conditions for the discharge. The conditions are set by how your application is intended to run, so the profiling gives you a more realistic battery performance. The loads will be iterated until one of the exit conditions is met, and then a battery profile .json file will be created.
Battery Emulation (with optional Battery Toolbox)
Otii acts as a battery, following the profiled discharge curve. Choose a battery profile and the discharge curve will be shown for that battery for the conditions set during the profiling. Otii Arc will adjust the output voltage depending on the load, just like a real battery with increasing internal resistance and decreasing open circuit voltage.
Measure a Sub System
Supply and measure a device and at the same time measure voltage and current consumption for a subsystem of the device, by means of the ADC pins in the Otii Arc expansion port. Use Sense pins in the Otii Arc expansion port to monitor the voltage rails of your device (for example 1.8 V and 3.3 V rails).
There are two GPIs (General Purpose Input) and two GPOs (General Purpose Output). With the GPIs it is possible to see the logical state for two signals. The GPI and GPO voltage is in relation to the DGND pin on the expansion port.

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