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SMD356C Three-Phase Hybrid Stepper Motor Driver, Resolution up to 12000S/R

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The SMD356C is a three-phase motor driver for hybrid stepper motors, supports 16 grades setting for both drive current and stepping subdivision, resolution up to 12000S/R. It is widely used in CNC equipment, sculpturing machine, cutting machine, etc.


  • Wide range voltage input (DC 24V~60V)
  • 16 grades stepping subdivision setting, resolution up to 12000S/R
  • 16 grades drive current setting, adjustable between 1.2A/Phase and 6.0A/Phase
  • Supports three control modes: common cathode, common anode, and differential
  • Supports alerts for undervoltage, overvoltage, overheat, overcurrent
  • Supports phase memory when power down
  • Optical isolation for both I/O signal and input signal
  • When the stepping pulse stops over 100ms, coil current will be halved automatically
  • Comes with development resources and manual (examples for Raspberry Pi, STM32, Arduino)


  • Operating voltage: DC 24V ~ 60V
  • Signal voltage: 4.2V ~ 24V
  • Drive current: 1.2A ~ 6A
  • Signal frequency: =150KHz
  • Control mode: common cathode, common anode, and differential


The SMD356C is suit for medium or small size CNC equipments which requires high resolution, such as:

  • Sculpturing machine
  • Glue dispenser
  • Automatic screw machine
  • Cutting machine


SMD356C demo


Symbol Description
PU+ pulse signal optical isolated positive terminal
PU- pulse signal optical isolated negative terminal
DR+ direction signal optical isolated positive terminal
DR- direction signal optical isolated negative terminal
MF+ motor enable signal optical isolated positive terminal
MF- motor enable signal optical isolated negative terminal
U three-phase stepper motor U terminal
V three-phase stepper motor V terminal
W three-phase stepper motor W terminal
NC not connected
DC+ 24~60V power supply input
DC- power supply ground


SMD356C dimensions

Development Resources

Wiki : www.waveshare.com/wiki/SMD356C

Selection Guide

Part Number Phases Power supply (V) Drive current setting (A) Dimension (mm) Equivalent power (W) Applicable motor
SMD258C two-phase DC 24~80 Im0.5~5.0/Ip0.7~7.0 118×76×34 80~100 57 series, 86 series
SMD356C three-phase DC 24~60 Im1.2~6.0/Ip1.7~8.4 118×76×34 80~100 57 series

Package Contents

Note: stepper motor in the photos is not included.

  • SMD356C x1

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