Brymen BM867s Multimeter
Artno.: 101051-000
Digital multimeter (DMM), 5 4/5 digits (500,000 counts), 0.03% basic precision, Auto Ranging, AC+DC True RMS, backlit dual display with bargraph
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Box Contents

Standard Edition+
Device BM867s with red holster
Test Leads Test leads with gold-plated tips Silicone test leads with gold-plated tips and screw-on banana plugs (BL21S2-T4SC)
Temperature Probe
Batteries pre-installed
User Manual
Carry Pouch (BMP-86x)

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Brymen BAC3 Snap-On Alligator Clips

Brymen BAC3 Snap-On Alligator Clips

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Brymen BMH-01 Magnetic Hanger

Brymen BMH-01 Magnetic Hanger

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Brymen BU-86X USB Interface

Brymen BU-86X USB Interface

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Multimeter Fuses

Multimeter Fuses

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5 from 5 outstanding performer within its price range

Great stuff!
The Brymen 867s is a truely outstanding performer within its price range.
It features a whole bunch of useful functions, measures very precise and responds quickly.
I compared it to our company´s freshly calibrated Fluke 289, that is also a 50.000count TRMS multimeter, costing nearly 4x as much.
The Brymen´s specs and functionality are very similar to the Fluke´s and this held up in praxis.
There wasn´t a single measurement where the Fluke gained a noteable advantage ... in fact the Brymen was at least on par in almost any regard.
In its slower 500.000 count mode it even outperforms the Fluke with regard to measurement resolution.
Also, the Brymen was way ahead with regard to practicality and handling.
The selection wheel turns nicely, and combined with the few buttons, lets you find the required measurement setting fast and easy.
The Brymen´s display is very crisp and clear, the Fonts are big and easy to recognize and the white Backlight is pure joy to look at.
In comparison the Fluke´s button-controlled menue-like handling is a so called pita ... very slow, very non-intuitive, the display beeing rather dark with small fonts.
The update rate of the Brymen´s display especially of the bar-graph is very high.
In the Hold/Max/Min/Avg or the Crest mode one can ´catch´ short pulses and spikes that most other MMs simply fail to notice.
The plastic casing and the rubber holster appear tough and solid and together with the well designed input protection the Brymen can take quite a lot of abuse robustly and safely.
Though quite big and heavy the meter fits well into Your palm due to its shape.
The (sealed) srews fit into threaded nuts and a rubber seal prevents dust and humidity from entering the device.
Two minor points I could criticize are the cheap contact clip for the 9V battery and the low Diode test voltage and -current.
If you supply the whole thing with 9V, why don´t you raise the Diode test voltage to say >4V (like the Fluke) and >1mA, so that You can measure the Uf of and light up blue and white LEDs? Most MMs can´t do that also, as we know, but ít´d be a nice and imho increasingly important feature.

Summing up, I´m very very confident with my 867 and will probabely be for a very long time.
For it´s level of performance, the functionalities, ease of handling and robustness the 867s is certainly worth the money and I´d like to give it a big thunbs-up

Welectron sent me the + version which includes a highquality set of silicon test leads and a nice pouch.

, 02.06.2018
5 from 5 Ein herausragendes Multimeter

Nach einem privaten Kauf diese MMs waren auch die Kollegen auf der Arbeit sofort von diesem MM begeistert.
Das Brymen baut zwar anständig groß, liegt jedoch gut in der Hand. Das Display ist sehr gut ablesbar.
Die Genauigkeit und das Auflösungsvermögen von 50.000 counts sind bereits für die Preisklasse sehr gut, die aufschaltbare höhere Auflösung von 500.000 counts sogar einmalig. Ideal um langsame kleine Änderungen bei Akkus oder kleine Signale im µV-Bereich von Thermo-Elementen (Typ S, R, etc.) darzustellen.
Zudem ist es sehr schnell. Mit der Crest-Funktion ist es möglich kurze Pulse im ms-Bereich zu fangen, die selbst 6.5-digit Tisch-MMs wie das Agilent 34401A oder das Siglent SDM3065X nicht schaffen.
Dazu eine beruhigend gute elektrische Robustheit mit CAT4 1000V und wirklich sehr gute Messleitungen.
Neben dem 867S kamen später noch ein BM235 und ein BM231 als Arbeitstiere für die Werkzeugkisten hinzu.
Seitdem sehen alle anderen MMs - auch große Flukes- nur noch in Ausnahmefällen Tageslicht.

, 20.12.2019