Jetperch Joulescope JS220 Precision DC Energy Analyzer
Artno.: JP5-102200
Precision measurement amplifier for DC/AC current/voltage/power/energy, 300 kHz Bandwidth, 2 MS/s Sample Rate, 16 bit Resolution, USB Interface

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The Joulescope JS220 is an affordable and easy-to-use instrument that enables you to create better, more energy-efficient products. Measure current from nanoamps to amps while simultaneously measuring voltage, power, and energy.

  • 300 kHz bandwidth with 2 million samples per second, 16-bit, simultaneous current and voltage
  • Rapid 1 µs switching between shunt resistors for seamless dynamic current measurement
  • Measure DC and AC components with full four-quandrant capability
  • Extremely low voltage drop for current measurement of only 25 mV/A
  • Computes power and total energy
  • Sensor ports electrically isolated from USB
  • Works with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux

All Joulescopes come fully calibrated from the factory at no additional cost. The optional ISO calibration option includes additional testing and calibration performed by our accredited calibration laboratory.

Model Overview

Joulescope JS220 Joulescope JS110
Bandwidth 300 kHz 250 kHz
Sampling Rate 2 MS/s
Resolution 16 bit 14 bit
Voltage Range -15 .. 15 V -1 .. 15 V
Current Range -3 .. 3 A
(10A Pulse)
-1 .. 3 A
(10A Pulse)
Current Reading Resolution 0.5 nA 1.5 nA
Internal Resistance 25 mOhm
Interface USB 2.0 (electrically isolated)

Package Contents

  • Joulescope JS220 with installed banana jack front panel
  • USB cable
  • GPIO Cable
  • USB Cable
  • T15 Torx screwdriver (for swapping the front panel)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Carrying case
  • Quick Start Guide


All on your computer
Joulescope connects entirely using USB with no external power adapters. Easily navigate your data using a mouse and keyboard.
View instantaneous values
Joulescope captures and displays the instantaneous current, voltage, power, energy, and charge, like a multimeter.
View waveforms over time
View changes over time, like with an oscilloscope. Navigate through your data, select regions of interest, and explore where your device uses the most current and power.
Joulescope UI Software
The powerful Joulescope UI software for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu Linux is included as standard. It allows different data views, data logging, data export and more.

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