Waveshare 13225 RGB LED HAT (B)
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True color RGB LED HAT (B) for Raspberry Pi, colorful display, 8 × 8 grid

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This RGB LED HAT (B) can be easily attached on top of the Raspberry Pi to display colorful effect, and controlled by only one signal pin.


  • Supports any revision of Raspberry Pi (directly-pluggable)
  • Onboard 8 × 8 RGB LED (WS2812B)
  • Control pin is configurable via jumpers (0O resistor)
  • Break out control pins, easy for working with other MCUs
  • Comes with development resources and manual (examples in Python and Web control)


  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Brightness: adjustable 256 levels
  • Color depth: 24-bit true color (8-bit for R/G/B respectively, totally 256x256x256=16777216 colors)
  • Data rate: 800Kbps(typ)
  • Dimension: 65mm × 56.2mm
  • Mounting hole size: 3.0mm

How to Use

In the case of working with a MCU:

  • 5V ? 5V power
  • GND ? GND
  • DIN ? Signal input


RGB LED HAT (B) demo


RGB LED HAT (B) dimensions

Development Resources

Wiki : www.waveshare.com/wiki/RGB_LED_HAT_(B)

Package Contents

  1. RGB LED HAT (B) x1
  2. RPi screws pack (2pcs) x1

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