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Quad GPIO Expander For Raspberry Pi Pico, Four Sets Of Male Headers For Connecting More Expansion Modules, USB Power Input Connector

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Quad GPIO expander for Pico

four sets of standard Raspberry Pi Pico GPIO male headers, USB-powered support

Features at a glance

  • Standard Raspberry Pi Pico female header for direct attaching Raspberry Pi Pico (if male header soldered), or just through jumper wires
  • Four sets of 2x20 male header, allows connecting more Raspberry Pi Pico expansion modules
  • USB power input connector, ensures sufficient power supply for multiple expansion modules
  • Clear pinout labels on the front side, easy to use
  • Immersion gold process, beautiful & practical, stunning aesthetic looking

Raspberry Pi Pico header compatibility

center female pin header for direct attaching the Raspberry Pi Pico

Four sets of 2x20 male header

allows connecting more Raspberry Pi Pico expansion modulesextra USB connector for external power supply

Please make sure there are no pin conflicts between the modules you want to use together before connecting.Raspberry Pi Pico and expansion modules are NOT included.

Immersion gold process

black base panel, white pinout labels, golden rounded outline, stunning aesthetic

Outline dimensions

Package Contents

  1. Pico-Quad-Expander x1

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